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From: Vincent Vincent
Subject: Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 26First, the disclaimers. THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION, Copyright 2010. The
narrative that follows did not happen to me or to anyone else I know. The
characters in the story, like myself, are all of legal age. Don't contact
Me to meet these slaves. DO contact Me if you want to become one of these
slaves. Also contact me with any praise, criticism, or suggestions. All
feedback is good.Fagboy & Fagdad - Part 26Alexi had pulled Mitchell aside away from the fagslaves and suggested a way
to make the evening more entertaining. Mitchell just needed to call his
buddy and get him in on the new plans. The guy arrived at 9PM and everyone
piled into Mitchell's car: he and his buddy in the front, Alexi and Duncan
in the back, and the faggots in the trunk.They arrived at the bar a half hour later. Alexi suggested that Mitchell
back into the space so that the first thing the cocksuckers would see when
they got out of the trunk were the rows of Harleys against the building.
"Let `em tremble a bit." Everyone thought that would be fun.Once the trunk was opened, Alexi told the fagslaves to stay still for a few
minutes. He had tossed a bag of gear into the trunk with them; he
retrieved it now and pulled out some electrically conductive adhesive pads.
He lowered the fagboy's shorts and applied one pad to each testicle, also
unlocking the cock cage, watching the whoreboy smile. Similarly, he raised
the fagdad's apron and wired up its nuts as well. Once both faggots were
wired, the six of them entered the biker bar, four walking in and two
crawling behind. Alexi snuck a peak behind him to see the fagslaves
looking at each other fearfully. Excellent.The four men got seats at the bar. Alexi looked down at his fagslaves and
instructed they clean the souls of the eight boots in front of them. The
fagboy started at one end with Mitchell and the fagdad started at the other
with Duncan."Jesus, what the fuck do you guys have going on?" One of the bar's other
patrons, seated next to Duncan, watched the inked, subservient faggots
doing their duty.Alexi was eager to explain. "They're our sexy angel nymphet lolita fagslaves. Stupid freaks hungry
to be used hard. Desperate for cock. Parasites living off our cum and
piss. Wanna test one out?"The guy sneered, "Depends. These bitches looking for faggot love or
something?""Dunno. Never asked. Never offered `em anything but dick. That's all
they get and they seem happy enough to be suckin` on any of our cocks. Or
kissing any of our asses.""Shit, so they're just whores begging to suck you off any time you want?""You're getting the picture, bud."He laughed. "Yeah, I could be talked into fag-face-fucking. As long as
the cuntfaces know to keep their teeth away from my meat.""They're well-practiced whores. I'll put `em up against the wall later for
anyone to enjoy. Do me a favor and pass the word around, would you?" The
guy snickered and turned to his friend on his other side. Alexi looked
down and saw the fagdad tremble. Yeah, this was going to be fun.A couple of beers later, he got up from his stool and demanded the
fagslaves follow him to the back wall. He had them sit on their ankles on
the filthy floor, locked their wrists behind them and wired book guest loli repon
their nuts to
the portable, battery-operated generator he'd hung from his belt. "Here's
what's going to happen, bitches. The four of us will empty our bladders
down you faggy throats. As soon as each fagslave has drunk two of us, I
flick a switch on this little fiend." He swung the device in front of their
faces."There are two switches here, A and B, one for young lolita pic info each of you. When the
power's on, your fagnuts start to fry. I'll keep sliding the knob turning
up the juice. It turns off as soon as one of the men here at the bar
slides his cock down the appropriate faggot's throat. As long as his cock
is being pleasured, the juice is off. As soon as he leaves, it's back on
again. Until another man decides to put that throat to use. So it's
either worship cock or be electro-tortured. Any questions?" The fagslaves
both shook their heads, the fagdad's face a smile, the fagboy's eyes
starting to water. "Excellent. Gentlemen, let's piss down some faggot
throats."Duncan and Mitchell went first, unzipping, unleashing, and emptying their
bladders into the fagslaves. Other men at the bar started young lolitas bd sisters
to pay attention
to this group against the wall. As the fratboys backed away and Mitchell's
friend and Alexi pissed down the fagslave's thoats, the bar began to quiet
down, everyone's attention focused on the scene.Alexi finished first. He backed away and pressed "B", sending the current
into the fagboy's nads. It groaned a pitiful "No......."Mitchell's friend backed away from the fagdad. Alexi pressed "A". A soft
pitiful whimper escaped the fagdad's wet throat."It's only going to get worse until somebody shows some pity with their
prick. But, come to think of it, I'm sure these men don't want stupid
faggots staring at them. lola preteen nymphet models Duncan, get out those blindfolds, would you, and
put them on the fagslaves' heads?" Duncan chuckled and mumbled something
into their ears as he stole their vision. Each faggot was now enveloped in
darkness, adding to its fear. Alexi slid the intensity knob on the
generator and increased the volume of their moans."Please..." begged the fagboy."Please what, faghole?""Please, Sirs, fuck this face. Please?"The fagdad's nuts were apparently more sensitive because nobody expected
its response."No. Fuck this face instead. You Men will feel so fucking good. Please?
Man, it'll do anything to keep You here loli preteen video chat getting Your cock sucked. God,
please fuck this faggot's face?"Alexi didn't expect them to compete against each other. This was going to
be even more fun than he thought. The fagboy answered back, "Please, Men,
it's only purpose is to worship and serve you ... Oh, jesus, please, Sirs,
let this throat grab onto your cocks and not let go...."The men in the bar started cracking up, laughing at the faggots'
desperation. The guy Alexi had spoken with stepped up between the two
bitches. "Which one of you wants my piss?"The two urinals moaned with desire."Please, Sir, please use this throat as Your urinal...?""It begs you Sir, to let it to swallow your delicious piss...."The man took a sadistic turn and just pissed on their crotches, allowing an
even deeper conductivity. The two faggots cried in pain and frustration.Two other men, appearing to the brothers, walked up to the bitches. "We'll
end your pain, faggots, if you stick out your tongues and show us how
you'll suck us off. Suck on the air in front of us and convince us to step
forward and let you suck on the real thing."Two cock-starved suckholes extended their tongues and sucked air-dick for
the pleasure of men they couldn't even see. Two depraved mime-whores. book guest loli repon
whole room erupted in derisive laughter. The two men snickered and stepped
forward, sliding their dicks into the respective holes. Alexi pressed the
switches off and the faggots sighed their relief as they gratefully
serviced the offered pricks. "Fuck yeah," came a shout from the bar.
Alexi smiled; he was hoping these guys would see this as the opportunity it
was.The fagboy's man started to moan as he thrust hard and fast into its
throat. He emptied his load and stepped back. Alexi pressed "B" and the
current started up where it left off. The preteen dark lolitas portals fagboy gasped and started
begging once again. "Please, Sirs, let this fagbitch pleasure your cocks,
please?? Oh, god, please shove your cocks into it?""I gotta piss, faggot. Want some?""PLEASE, Sir, slide your magnificent dick down this throat and let it feed
off your nutritious piss..." More laughter from the bar. The man unzipped
and slid his dick inside the fagboy's mouth. Alexi flicked off the switch.The fagdad's man held its head and finished off his face-fuck. He walked
away with an ear-to-ear grin. Alexi pressed "A"."Please, Men, let the walls of this subhuman throat caress Your pricks like
a pussy. Please??" More derisive laughter. "Please, Sirs???"A man sauntered up and slid his meat across its lips. "Beg me, bitch.""OH GOD, PLEASE LET IT SUCK YOUR COCK, SIR!!!" More chuckles from the
peanut gallery as go go loli teens
the man slid his cock inside and the fagdad warbled its
gratitude around the man's erection. Alexi pressed the "A" switch off.On it went for the next few hours. Cocksucking fagslaves pleading for
cock, begging unseen men to put them to use. It was fucking beautiful.
Even the bartender helped himself to a throat. Alexi started keeping count
and the fagboy was ahead, 9 cocks to the fagdad's 7. It wasn't a contest;
Alexi just watched how each faggot solved its dilemma differently. The
fagboy went for quantity while the fagdad tried to keep each man inside it
for as long as possible. At this point they'd both lost control over their
own bladders and had pissed all over themselves and the dirt-caked floor.
Alexi turned off the power to both sets of balls."Well done, bitches. Clean up the mess on the floor." Their heads
immediately fell to the floor, searching for and sucking up the muddy piss.
Their asses were raised invitingly against the wall."Hell, can we fuck their asses?"Alexi smiled his warmest, most sincere smile. "Next time, guys. And I
promise there will be a next time." Cheers went up from the bar.The four men pulled off the faggots' blindfolds and got them back on all
4s. The six of them left and piled back into the car, the men in their
seats and the crawling cocksucking appliances in the trunk.They were just starting on the way back and Alexi noticed how many homeless
and street people were around on a late Friday night. He asked Mitchell to
pull over and pop open the trunk. "We're not quite done yet." He got out
to instruct the fagslaves as he pulled them out of the trunk."Look around. There are about a dozen homeless men here on the street.
They deserve some pleasure. See to it. Each faggot must service at least
two of these men, feeding off their cum. We're going to hang out here,
watch, and enjoy. Start crawling and begging for cock, bitches."The four men relaxed, watched, and laughed as the faggots crawled from man
to man, begging to get them off. The fagboy was the first to service one
of the men, but only after first drinking his piss. The fagdad, crawling
around in nlyons, heels, and apron, was pleading with one of the homeless
men to allow it the pleasure of sucking him off. The man agreed, but first
made it tongue his ripe asshole. The guys in the car found this
hysterical. Once the homeless men were satiated, each faggot crawled
begging for a second. Since their talents had already been displayed,
there were several man already playing with themselves in anticipation.
One of the faggots looked back at Alexi; his dismissive hands let them know
they had to service anyone who wanted service while their Owners laughed.The faggots eventually crawled back, completely humbled, and silently crept
back into the trunk for the remainder of the trip videos de lolitas littleapril home. Alexi smiled,
pleased with himself and how carefully he had put the research he'd learned
to work. Yes, these two faggots were now completely devoid of any ego, of
any sense of worth except their worth as cocksucking fagslaves. They now
had the rest of their lives to live in peace, knowing what they needed,
what they were good for, and what gave them validation and comfort.
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